Pediatric Oncosurgery

Wilms tumor

Wilms tumor, also known as nephroblastoma, is a disease of the kidneys that ordinarily happens in kids, once in a while in grown-ups. It is named after Dr. Max Wilms, the German specialist (1867– 1918) who initially depicted it. 

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Neuroblastoma (NB) is a sort of tumor that structures in specific sorts of nerve tissue. It most habitually begins from one of the adrenal organs, yet can likewise create in the neck, chest, stomach area, or spine.

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Germ cell tumors

Germ cells are the cells in the body that develop into sperm and eggs. Read about the different types of germ cell cancer and how they are treated.

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Soft-Tissue Sarcoma

A soft-tissue sarcoma is a type of sarcoma that creates in connective tissue, however, the term is here and there connected to components of the soft tissue that are not at present considered connective tissue. n their beginning periods, soft-tissue sarcomas .

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Other Treatments


Hepatobiliary atomic prescription imaging assesses the parts of the biliary framework, including the liver, gallbladder and bile conduits, utilizing little measures of radioactive materials called radiotracers.

Hydatid Cysts Liver

In people hydatid illness is caused by the hatchlings of a tapeworm called Echinococcus granulosus. This parasitic contamination happens worldwide and is endemic in a few nations, for example, Australia and the Middle East.

Choledochal Cysts

Choledochal cysts (a.k.a. bile duct cyst) are congenital conditions involving cystic dilatation of bile ducts.They are uncommon in western countries but not as rare in East Asian nations like Japan and China.